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Friday, 30 March 2012 13:25

Sparkling Sainte Rose?

Sainte Rose Sparkling?


IGP fizz from the plains of the Languedoc?  Wine snobs will laugh at the prospect but at Sainte Rose we don’t much care about that!  We have a reputation for doing things a little differently, of championing lesser known grape varieties and of putting together unusual wine blends that work!  Thus, never happy to rest on our laurels, this vintage we’re going to experiment on a very small scale, with making sparkling chardonnay!


The rules within the IGP system changed as of 2011 to allow production of sparkling wine.  So as lovers of well made bubbly from many different parts of the world this is just too good an opportunity to miss!  Let’s face it, given we have just planted 4 hectares of Chardonnay, we have to think creatively and keep all options open!  Anyway we’re very excited at the prospect and if you watch this space, there may be news of cooler climate fizz plans yet to come .....

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