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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 12:49

Bringing in the Pink!

Bringing In the pink!


Having had a resounding success with our 2010 Coquille d’Oc Rosé (i.e. practically sold out!), the team at Sainte Rose are keen to continue this momentum into the next vintage.  This year we are making more of it and we are taking an almost obsessive interest in the grape varieties that we will use for the blend to make sure that this Rosé continues to exceed the expectations of those who know and love it!


This process began last weekend when we picked Grenache and Syrah, the two key grape varieties that are the basis of the blend.  Flavour is the most important factor when deciding when to pick, as are sugar levels, which translate into potential alcohol.  Once harvesting, colour then takes over in importance as we are aiming for a soft, pale pink end colour, not a light red!


As the video below explains, we treat the red varieties as if they were white grapes, putting them straight through the destemmer and crusher and into the press.  After a gentle press cycle all the juice ends up off the skins.  This is to avoid extracting too much colour.  Grenache generally has very pale juice, however Syrah has naturally red juice so must be handled very delicately to avoid too much extraction.


Mourvedre is the final variety that will be used in the ultimate Coquille d’Oc Rosé blend.  This is a later ripening variety that true to form is not yet ready to pick.  With two out of three of our pinks in the winery we are already looking forward to the blending process and will aim to bottle the 2011 Rosé early in the new year.


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Monday, 14 February 2011 15:13

Dare to drink pink!

Drink Pink!
I find that Rosé inspires two responses, adoration or indifference! There are those who adore it and happily drink it all year round regardless of the weather and those who literally won't touch it with a bargepole and think it's a girlie drink! In between there are those who think they should only drink Rosé during the summer if the weather is good or on their holidays.

Statistics tell us that this is changing and that Rosé is the fastest growing segment of the consumer wine market. Not difficult given its original tiny percentage of this market! However it is an interesting change, which begs the question why?

I believe most of the growth is a result of an improvement in the quality of Rosés being produced, moving strongly away from the sweet, innocuous blush wines that did the initial damage to the reputation of rosé wine. Added to this is the recognition by the consumer that a good Rosé is a credible alternative to a light, fresh white wine and very food friendly. If I was to be politically correct I would also add that Rosé wines tend to be lower in alcohol than reds, which is important to some people these days!

At Sainte Rose we have produced a 2010 vintage Rosé, our first in 4 years and we're loving it! Your chance to buy it .... while stocks last .... here .....

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