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Friday, 05 October 2012 12:58

Final 2012 Vintage Update!

Final Vintage 2012 Update!


So it is all over for another year!  All our grapes are safely in the winery, and just before the most significant rain that we have experienced since the spring!


Having picked Mourvedre for rosé we carried on and brought in our Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot.   Both varieties had reached phenolic maturity earlier than previous years with wonderfully concentrated fruit flavours.  A few days later the 7 remaining rows of Mourvedre were picked for red wine and it was over.  That weekend we received 70mm of rain, which is about 12% of our annual rainfall!   We were hugely relieved not to have any more grapes in the vineyards!


The final varieties will be taken off their skins this week having enjoyed a slightly longer maceration time.   They have almost completed their primary and malolactic fermentation so will be literally finished by the end of next week.   It has been a good year, a big year for us and a successful vintage.  Thank you to those who have followed our vintage videos and blogs, we look forward to showing you the finished product in due course!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2012 09:57

Vintage 2012 Week 1

Vintage 2012 - Week 1


So after the initial excitement and the tranquil pace of a day handpicking Chardonnay for our sparkling wine project, we have now hit the long hours and the full on pressure of harvest 2012.  The remaining Chardonnay was our first priority as temperatures began to soar.  Happily it is all now safely in the winery, as is our tiny block of Muscat and a first press of Sauvignon Blanc.  Volumes were down a little in the Chardonnay, but the quality over three separate picks is excellent.  All these whites are now gently fermenting as we turn our attention to rosé.


As ever, Merlot is the first red to ripen and although still a little too early to pick for red wine, it is ideal now for rosé.  In order not to extract too much colour, we make rosé as if we are making white wine, allowing as much ‘free run’ juice to drain straight to tank.  We picked yesterday and although it was a long day of processing we now have 150 hectolitres of Merlot rosé in the winery.  The colour and the aromatics are fabulous!   All being well, we will double that figure of rosé on Thursday.


Our new grape receival area is working well, making processing much more efficient, although on day 2 we had the inevitable hiccup with our temperamental pneumatic press!  The mood is good and the weather, although hot, is settled, which bodes well for the coming days.  The grapes will be maturing apace and there is a lot more to bring in.  Bonnes vendanges a tous!


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