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Tuesday, 31 August 2010 00:08

We are straightforward yet surprising

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Charles & Ruth in the vines at Domaine Sainte Rose Charles & Ruth in the vines at Domaine Sainte Rose

We try to keep wine simple and straightforward - great products at a fantastic price.  We are open and honest about the methods we use to farm our grapes and how we make our wine.  We want our wines to speak for themselves aided by clear labelling to help not hinder the ultimate consumer.


Surprising – yes, many wine producers, especially in the old world wine growing areas (Europe), have built their reputations by mystisizing their product and mystifying their consumers.  They have not been encouraged or indeed given the opportunity to change given the hierarchical classification systems that exist, but it has not been in their interest to either as regional reputations grew, and with them prices of wines, regardless of quality.


Not surprising therefore to learn that we started out as interested consumers of wine with no aspirations to buy into an old world area with an established reputation.  We started our business with no prejudices and no preconceptions, just our own personal goals in an area that could be seen as a microcosm of the new world wine regions with more flexibility to respond to the market needs.


Surprising and pleasing therefore to have some of our wines mistaken for and compared to much more expensive wines from legendary producers in far more established and lauded regions of France.  Shows what can be done!

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Ruth Simpson

Ruth Simpson

I am Ruth Simpson, I own Domaine Sainte Rose with my husband Charles. We moved to the Languedoc in 2002 to live our dream.

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