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You can of course buy and drink wines from the better-known regions of France. But why would you when you'll be missing out on some fabulous taste value from Languedoc's Domaine Sainte Rose? All our wines are an affordable luxury.

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Price per bottle

Cellaring Potential

La Coquille D'Oc Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc/Muscat/Viognier 2014 £7.99 1-2 Years

Le Sirocco

Chardonnay (Unoaked)




3 -4 Years

Les Montagnes et Mer Sauvignon Blanc


£8.99 1-2 Years

Le Vent Du Nord





5 - 6 Years

Le Marin Blanc Roussanne/Marsanne/Viognier 2014 £9.99 3-4 Years

La Nuit Blanche

Roussanne Barrel Aged




4 - 5 Years

Barrel Selection Roussanne Roussanne Barrel Aged 2013 £14.99 5 - 6 Years

Method Traditional Blanc de Noir

100% Pinot Noir




5 - 6 Years




La Coquille D'Oc


Syrah/Grenache (Unoaked)




3  Years




La Coquille D'Oc Syrah/Grenache 2014 £7.99 3 - 4 Years

Le Mistral





5 - 6 Years

La Garrigue





5 - 6 Years

Les Derniérs Cépages Mourvedre and Petit Verdot 2012 £9.99 5 - 10 Years

Le Pinacle

Syrah (Oak Aged)




5 - 10 Years




What the critics say about Domaine Sainte Rose

Leaving cold, old Blighty to make wine in southern France was Charles and Ruth Simpson's best move.  Their estate has produced a terrific run of Top 100-approved wines...
Jane McQuitty, The Times, 21st August, 2012
Charles & Ruth Simpson, who are baised in the Languedoc, aim to produce clean-cut modern wines using New World methods, and succeed admirably.
John Wilson, Irish Times, 2nd April, 2011
Neat and tidy set of well-made, well-packaged wines!
Andrew Jefford, MW, 2nd January 2011
Charles and Ruth Simpson left Blighty to make wine at their Languedoc Estate and almost every one has been a winner.
Jane MacQuitty, The Times, 11th July, 2009
Charles and Ruth Simpson bought this property in the Languedoc in 2002 and have made a range of well-conceived, modern reds and whites there, building up a following...
Jancis Robinson MW, www.jancisrobinson.com, May 2008



...a gorgeous southern French property owned by an adventurous Brit couple

Matthew Jukes, Daily Mail, September 2007


This is a domaine that should be added to our list of Leading producers of the Languedoc Roussillon

Jancis Robinson, MW, Purple Pages 2007


Tasting whites like these, I think it's the Australians, not the French, who should worry.

Tim Atkin, The Observer, June 17 2007


Charles and Ruth Simpson have made a success of their move to the Midi as this Sainte Rose LVN and LGE show

Jane MacQuitty, The Times, March 2007


Since purchasing the estate in 2002, Charles and Ruth Simpson have created some amazing wines and are gaining accolades from around the world.

Justin Howard-Sneyd MW, Waitrose Wine Direct, March 2007


The most beautiful wines came from the Domaine de Sainte Rose with a first-class Roussanne (Barrel Selection), a very beautiful, polished and characterful chardonnay (Le Sirocco), in addition to a very convincing Syrah (Le Pinacle Syrah).

www.wein-plus.de , July 2006


I have to say that the overall quality of these wines is excellent. The Simpson's intent is clear from the moment you pick up one of their super heavyweight bottles in their stylish packaging, and the wines live up to the promise in the bottle. These are decidedly modern wines, with full extraction and plenty of oak in some cuvées, yet the expression of the gape varieties and terroir of the south is not lost.

Tom Cannavan, wine-pages.com, 2005


There's brilliant stuff to be had here and anyone not yet convinced should be pointed firmly in the direction of the likes of Domaine Sainte Rose...

Berkmann Wine Cellars, 2003


...the wines are smart and polished
Since purchasing the estate in 2002, Charles and Ruth Simpson have created some amazing wines and are gaining accolades from around the world.

Simon Field, MW- Berry Brothers and Rudd, 2004

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