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We are straightforward, yet surprising

A place where convention ends and journeys begin Domaine Sainte Rose has a rich history of railing against the status quo. Sainte Rose herself, whose statue stands in the Orangerie in …


We handcraft every bottle


We are affordable luxury


We’re on your side

To change your mind We promise that the wines we make will both surprise and delight you and that we will change your mind about the Languedoc region's ability to produce …

Domaine Sainte Rose is a family owned and run boutique winery near Servian in the Languedoc region of Southern France. We believe in a more intelligent approach to choosing wine. For far too long, the more traditional and better-known regions of France have been living off the reputation of their area and not their actual wine. Of course there are some great vintages there, but our wine is just as good and much better value. If you enjoy beautifully crafted wine but are fed up paying for history and reputation on top, then welcome to the new tradition: really great wine, made in the old world using new world methods.

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